Edward J. Wendol:  Ed is the founder of Total Retirement Security (TRS), an insurance agency based in Spring Hill, FL.  He specializes in insurance solutions such as life and health insurance as well as fixed index annuities.  Ed is now focused on training others to adopt his well-rounded approach to helping clients.

James T. Wendol:  Jim is  a Creative Art Director and Senior Graphic Artist with twenty+ years of experience creating innovative and fashion forward graphics and prints for leaders in the license and branded apparel industry.  His skill set and artistic talent is expansive, which enables him to create graphics for screen prints, appliqués, embroideries, repeat prints and trims in a diverse range of styles from concept to production.

Andrew C. Wendol:   With over 25+ years coaching & playing experience, Coach Wendol is the current Varsity Lacrosse Coach (started the program in 2003), as well as a Physical Education teacher,at Hastings UFSD, where he also served six years as Athletic Director (2002-08). He has also coached Varsity Lacrosse at Bronxville H.S. (1997-2000), was the Future Stars Camps Lacrosse Director (2005-07), coached the Renegades 17U Elite Lacrosse Tournament Team (2008), served on the Empire State Boys Lacrosse Selection Committee (1998-2001, 2008), and has run numerous clinics & camps throughout the area. As a standout collegiate player at Cortland College, he finished 4th on the all-time goal scoring list and 14th on the all-time points scoring list. Coach Wendol continues to play locally and was honored with tryouts for the 2006 Men’s World Outdoor, 2007 Men’s Indoor United States World, & Long Island Lizards Professional Lacrosse Teams.

Besides Lacrosse, Coach Wendol is also an all-around standout athlete, having played Soccer, Football, Basketball, & Hockey throughout High School and beyond. He also has extensive coaching experience in Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Cross Country, & Fencing. As the Athletic Director, Drew was the Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Soccer, & Awards Chairperson, as well as a member of the Con Edision “Athlete of the Week” Selection Committee.

Daniel J. Wendol:  Daniel is owner of Dolphin Financial Group, based in Clearwater, FL.  Dolphin Financial Group consists of Dolphin Wealth Management Inc, a Registered Investment Advisor and also Dolphin Insurance Inc..  He graduated from Babson College with a degree in investments.  After co-founding an education technology startup in 1999 in Minnesota, Daniel moved back to NYC to become deeply involved in the financial world of stock trading.  In 2010, he moved to Florida and continued his career in finance by building an independent insurance practice.  At the end of 2013, Daniel launched a new Registered Investment Advisor firm known as Dolphin Wealth Management Inc..

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